Tootsies and the strip

You can kill a day listening to music along Broadway in Nashville. No cover. Just walk the street until you hear a band that’s to your liking, slide inside and stay as long as you like.

This is Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Not so much a lounge as a long skinny room with a band at each end. Really. There’s something resembling a wall between the two ends, so you just hear one band at a time, depending on which end you wander to.

Oh…and on the weekend…the “wandering” can take some effort. So you’re better off claiming your spot and enjoying whoever’s on stage. They’re going to be good.

The walls are filled with photos of stars who have played the stage, and they go back half a century. The waitress behind the bar goes back at least 12 months. We saw her there last year. And she means business.

When it’s time to change venues, you don’t have to go far. On the same block you’ll find sure bets at The Stage, Robert’s Western World, Legend’s Corner, Bluegrass Inn, and others.

For the most part, music starts at 11am…when it ends is up to you.

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