Overheard in Nashville

Some things you’ll only hear in LA or Northern Minnesota. Here are a few we heard in Nashville that give you a pretty good sense of place. Some were song lyrics…others part of the stage banter, and one I saw on a t-shirt. Enjoy.

“This is a 5-year town. Don’t quit until then…or ever, really.”

“I’m for soaking up the wisdom when an old man speaks his mind.”

“You don’t have to guess what I’m against if you know what I’m for.”

“I’ve never seen a reason to take a wife…when all my neighbors have one.”

“I can drive all day in my truck and never reach the end of my property.” “Yeah…I had a truck like that once.”

“I can’t believe God gave me all these dreams just to let them die.”

“If you trust me with your time I’ll try to use it wisely.”

“This guy makes number one songs sitting in his underwear.”

“This is a new song, meaning it hasn’t been cut yet.”                                 “Yeah…my songs are all new, too.”


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