Her first Guitar

What better place to buy your first guitar than Nashville?

We started at a place on 8th Street called Gruhn Guitar. It’s where the stars get their vintage instruments. Amazing guitars and prices to match…so as we described what we were looking for…and our budget…our sales man pointed us down the road to Corner Music.

Scott picked us up soon after we walked in the door and took us through the process. Good sound and the right look with a nice design around the sound hole. Threw in a used hard case he found down in the basement with i little coat of dust and some cobwebs on the bottom.

As of now, there are no plans to clean that Nashville dust off.

And now it’s time to practice…because as we heard in the shop:

“If you play great music on a bad guitar, that’s ok…but if you play bad music on a great guitar, it’s a crime.”

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