Travel Tip #62…Find the Babies

It’s spring.

Warm breezes, new life, fresh beginnings and all that. Let’s not forget cute fuzzy critters. Go find them.

Last Monday we stopped by a roadside stand in Western Wisconsin that was selling baby goats. Kids, I guess. It was the same Amish stand where we accidentally bought a bunny last spring.

This time we did a better job of setting expectations.

“We will leave with precisely zero goats,” we decreed before exiting the van. And after 20 minutes of roadside goat-y fun, that’s exactly what we did.

The following afternoon my daughter helped me photograph lambs at Shepherd’s Way Farms, where they make artisan sheep cheese. The babies bleated and bounced and generally worked their way into our hearts. By the end of the day, Brenna had been gnawed on and kicked in the face. She was covered in mud, a bit of poo (from the lambs…just for clarity) and a great big smile.

It’s hard not to smile when you are surrounded by fresh and fuzzy joy.

We’ve had some loss in our family lately. My dad died last month, and my cousin just a few days ago. At my dad’s funeral, my son Jordan announced that when he dies, he wants a box of puppies at his funeral.

I think it makes good sense.

Grieve. Of course. But also, surround yourself with hope and new life. Allow something fresh and innocent to work it’s way into the cracks of your broken heart.

Kids, kittens, calves, cubs, colts, chicks, fawns, foals, piglets, puppies, polliwogs, poults, puggles, ducklings, squabs, whelps, joeys, and lambs.

Spring is filled with new potential. Find it. And maybe snuggle it a little.

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