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  1. Bailey and Emmett should be friends! He is my 90 pound, chocolate lab, lap dog, that loves cows. His “sister” is 60 pounds of adorably cute, black lab that doesn’t understand the fascination with cows that Emmett has….Don’t get me wrong, she will chase them through the Expedition also, but only if her brother starts it! Emmett highly recommends dead carp as rolling material, its best if they have been baking in the sun for a couple of days and always roll in them right before we are getting ready to leave. They seem to be his favorite, but a dead gopher is a close second. It has become a bit of a tradition to take photos of me with other peoples dogs because I miss mine so very much when they don’t come along. I never thought of a traveling bunny, unfortunately I am afraid it’s lifespan would be short. My son takes the dogs rabbit hunting in the fall and they probably wouldn’t differentiate between their new sibling and last winters lunch.

    I love your blog John!! It makes me smile when I read it. I hope all is well and look forward to seeing you at Gustavus again.

    • Thanks Lori…I’m not convinced that Hazel will come on the road with us either. But she is a little less…um…demanding. At this point, I don’t believe that Bailey and Hazel will become good friends. They seem to have different expectations out of the relationship…distinctly incompatible expectations….

      Keep your dogs clean…and see you soon…;)

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