Think Warm Thoughts

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground.


I groaned a little, closed my eyes, and this image came to mind from a 2012 trip to Cuba. With the covers over my head I smiled, because the way the shot happened is ridiculous, and will give you a little insight into my “process.”

We had arrived in Baracoa late after a long day on the road. We didn’t have much time to get the lay of the land. I was tired and the next day had a leisurely start time.

When on the road, you should never waste the beautiful dawn light. Photos or not, it is a magical hour.

I set my alarm for just before dawn, rolled out of bed in the t-shirt and shorts I slept in, strapped on my trusty Tevas, and set out to wander the grounds of our hotel, waiting for first light to reveal the place. I figured I could go back to bed once the sun was up.

There were some interesting shots of the resort, but nothing remarkable. The shoreline was nice but filled with debris and coconut husks from Hurricane Sandy’s passage the week before.

I had done my due diligence and was walking back to my room when I passed this scene at the swimming pool.

The reflection was nice, but I couldn’t get low enough on the edge of the pool for things to compose well. There was no choice but to climb in…the lens and camera body hovering just above the surface of the water.

Once the ripples from my entering settled down, the reflection did its thing. Smiling…and dripping…I climbed out of the pool and headed back toward my room, just as a fellow traveler passed and gave me the quizzical look I’ve grown used to.

So…even though there is snow on the ground, I am happy to plumb my memory banks of travel to tropical lands and stay warm under the covers for a few more minutes.

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