Let’s go

I’ve spent 20 years as a travel photographer, and years before that as a dreamer.

I used to wonder out loud if I could find a job that would pay me to explore distant lands, and was told that I should join the “real world”. Preparing for my first job interview I planned to say that I loved photography because it was my excuse to go anywhere. I was advised against it.

I didn’t listen.

Twenty years later photography has brought me inside a Honduran prison and through the rain forests of Southeast Asia. I’ve seen the sun rise from a hot air balloon and set into three different oceans. I’ve shivered and sweated, met kings and the homeless, all with a camera around my neck. It has all made my life richer.

The Kansas prairie or the Pacific coast are each majestic in their own way. A Chicago penthouse or a rustic shack each has its appeal. My eyes are open wide whether I am surrounded by wilderness or the lights of Las Vegas.

I live in the city, but I am not of the city. The road is my home. I weep when mountains recede in my rear view mirror. Every time. My mom used to wake me from my nap in the back seat of the car as soon as our destination was in sight. “There are your mountains,” she’d say.

My mountains.

“There is your sea.”

I’ve never experienced a trip that lasts long enough. I have more journeys planned than I have time. I need to know what’s around the next bend in the trail. And when I finally return home, before my head ever hits the pillow, I am dreaming of what’s next.

This is the start of a new journey. To peer in every crevice. To explore with wonder. To find what’s good. And I invite you to come along.

This is Wide Eyed Rambler. It’s a visual exploration…but it’s so much more.

It’s a wide-eyed view of the world…as in, filled with wonder. Our planet is amazing. You can fly by at 40,000 feet and find some beauty. But the closer you look, the more you will find…if you keep your eyes wide open.

And I…am a rambler. I am fascinated by nearly everything. Before I have a full grasp of it, I may be off to something else. I want to know about wildlife in one breath and the city in another. I may delve into economics or history, architecture or spiritual practice, as the winds carry me.

You can expect equal parts fact, mystery and myth. Useful insights and whimsy.

Come along for the ride. Be a Wide Eyed Rambler with me.

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